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Men Alteration
Tailoring and alteration for men in Paris

L’atelier Ethan is one of Paris’s leading tailoring and alteration service. With over 35 years of experience we have been providing our diverse client base with outstanding expertise in clothing alterations and tailoring that is second to none. We look after Private Clients, London’s leading fashion houses and VIP clients. Our qualified, skilled, as well as experienced tailors and seamstresses will ensure that your garments are looked after and altered in the most professional manner. L’Aethan offers a high quality alteration service maintaining the authentic finish, style and proportions in order to preserve the often-fickle integrity of the original.

Some alterations we perform are:
Suit Alterations
Designer Alterations
Shirt Alterations
Waistcoat Altera
Jacket Alterations
Trouser Alterations
Vintage Alterations
VIP Tailoring Services
Coat Alterations
Leather Alterations
Jeans Demin Alter
L’atelier Ethan is well known for its experience and excellence in formal and jacket alterations. Our jacket tailors are professionals who are skilled to maintain and reapply the finish of the original making the alteration unnoticeable. This might not be important for all garments but most definitely for designer and high quality suits. Hence we are very conscious about the finish of any suit alterations. Whether it is the colour and quality of thread, the type of stitching or any additional details; original bindings will be reapplied and accessorizes matched with the best possible outcome for our clients in mind.
In the last decade men’s’ fashion has dramatically changed. Not only because of style but more importantly of how men see themselves. Encouraged by social media and influencers men have become more aware and in charge of their very individual look and their interpretation of fashion trends. Men’s fashion has seen loose silhouettes, straight cuts, cutting edge over oversized clothes but a lot of menswear we see is sharp – jackets and trousers. To achieve this look, trouser alterations are often necessary.
Jeans alterations seem to be straight forward and they mostly are. But if you have a good pair of jeans, the finish is crucial. Type of stitching, colour of thread and fabric as well as its heaviness and condition are assembled with a particular look in mind. Each brand has its very own interpretation of its authentic jeans look. However, to effect the ultimate jeans alterations, it should not be noticeable and wholly integral to the overall look of your particular brand. L’ATELIER ETHAN offers an extensive range of visual samples for jeans finishes. Classic top stitch and original jeans hem finishes, alteration styles for you to choose of. The aim is to make your favorite jeans look like they were ‘made’ for you, in every sense – in fact to make them look ‘unaltered’ but only you know they are customized! This can include maintaining a distressed and ragged jeans finish if this is what the original pair of jeans suggests. We regularly alter jeans brands such as: A.P.C., Gucci Jeans, Armani Jeans, All 7 Mankind Jeans, Levi Jeans, Acne Jeans, Victoria Beckham Jeans, Vivienne Westwood amongst others.
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