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Women Alteration
Tailoring and alteration for Women in Paris

The right tailor can make the difference between a garment that simply looks good on you, to a garment that absolutely makes you look stunning and makes you turn heads. With nearly three decades of altering women’s clothes, our satisfactory ratings have risen very high and all items worked on are backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Our qualified tailors are highly skilled in all types of women’s alteration requirements, from women’s professional wear, women’s casual wear and women’s formal dresses and gowns. We also offer everything from basic alterations to complete restyles for women, just imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit you.

Women alteration includes:
Shorten or Lengthen sleeves



Dress alterations



Zipper repair/button



Jacket alteration



Wedding dress alteration



Shorten or lengthen slacks



Waist in or out



Pitch up holes and tears in jacket and paints



Blouse alteration



Bridesmaid and prom dresses



Skirt alterations



Jeans hemming



Trouser alteration



Customized fitting



Leader garments



L’ATELIER ETHAN provides the most beautiful and reputable wedding dress alteration in Paris and London, L’ATELIER ETHAN is a master alterations that specializes in wedding dresses proms bridesmaid dresses and understands that your choice of dress in any occasion is signification part of your appearance. For more than 30 years, we have made numerous clients to feel like the most beautiful lady in the world by providing customized fittings and comprehensive attention to details. Our skills with fine fabrics and specialty materials set us apart from your standard seamstress or dressmaker. We are proficient in chiffon, silk, Swarovski, crystals, lace, sequence and much more. If you truly desire the most gifted and reputable women dress alteration in the town, trust no one else but L’ATELIER ETHAN and our team of skilled and experienced alterations for pre-wedding dress modifications, bridesmaid dress alteration, and more. Although wedding dresses alterations may take more than a week but you can be sure that the results are red carpet worthy every time. In order to get the best results from your dress alteration, it requires a professional touch.

Trust L’ATELIER ETHAN For Your Skirt Alterations There is really nothing worse than a skirt that rides up, is too long, or just doesn’t fit quite right. Whether you have an ill-fitting skirt you need to wear to work, a party or a big event, skirt alterations are practically always necessary to make your skirt fit your body perfectly. It can be difficult to find an expert tailor to alter your clothing quickly, and it’s often a hassle to drop off your items, get measured, and find the time to pick them up a week later.
L’ATELIER ETHAN understands the inconvenience of alerting your clothes, but we know it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to put their best foot forward. That’s why we’ve decided to completely disrupt the traditional tailoring experience. With L’ATELIER ETHAN Now, there’s no excuse not to have a closet full of clothes that fit perfectly! Depending on where you’re located in Paris, and what type of skirt you need altered, skirt alterations can cost quite a bit. Customers generally experience some sticker shock when they receive a quote from a traditional alterations specialist in the city. L’ATELIER ETHAN is different. Not only do we make it according to your desire, but we also offer competitive prices that you just won’t find among other alterations experts in the area.


Need a jacket that fits you perfectly? If you’ve been searching Paris streets for an alterations specialist to make a few nips and tucks to your favorite jacket without costing you a fortune, we know it’s easier said than done. Now, thanks to L’ATELIER ETHAN, jacket alterations are faster and more affordable than ever before. We pride ourselves on our friendly, efficient and professional service that years of experience in the industry have taught us. We value our customers and their time that’s why we deliver alteration according to our customer’s desire.
Trust your jacket alteration to the best tailor in Paris
Our team as over 30 years of experience in the alteration industry, and we’re confident that we can provide the best alterations for any article of our work, we’ll redo the work at no cost to you. No other alterations specialist in Paris city provides the same quality, on-demand service as L’ATELIER ETHAN.


Save Time and Money on Clothing with L’ATELIER ETHAN
Imagine how much money you spend on new trousers each season. Now imagine a closet full of trousers that fit perfectly, without having to constantly shop for new items. Whether you’ve lost or gained weight, ripped a hole in your favorite pants, broke a zipper, or just aren’t comfortable in your clothing, our tailors can help you achieve the perfect fit with every pair of trouser you own. You’ll save so much time on clothes shopping, not to mention hundreds of Euros now that you don’t need to buy new clothes every season. We’re fast, and affordable, and we want to help you. Plus with prices like ours, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have every item of clothing in your closet professionally tailored to the perfect custom fit.
If you’ve been searching the city for a pro to handle your trouser alterations, the search is over. Call L’ATELIER ETHAN Tailor or schedule an appointment today.


There Is Really Nothing Quite Like A Perfect Pair of Jeans!
When you put them on, you know that they’ll be your go-to jeans for years to come. They feel like a second skin, give your body the perfect shape, and allow you to move and breath with ease. Finding that perfect pair is another story. Often, it can take years to find or break in the perfect-fitting pair of jeans. Now, thanks to L’ATELIER ETHAN, every pair of jeans in your closet can be your perfect pair! Expert jeans alterations can transform any pair of old jeans into an exceptionally well-fitted custom pair of jeans in no time.
Stop Wasting Money on New Jeans
Maybe you’re saving up for a new pair of jeans, or maybe you’ve already spent hundreds of euro on new jeans that just don’t fit quite right. Stop wasting your money and let us transform every pair of jeans you own into a custom-tailored pair just for you. Our prices are affordable and you’ll save hundreds of dollars now that you can stop buying new jeans every season.
Save time and money on the perfect pair of jeans. The way it works is simple Thanks to the experts at L’ATELIER ETHAN; you’ll never need to buy another pair of jeans again. Our jeans alterations cover fitting, patches, zippers, length and more. Whether you want to alter one pair of jeans or one hundred, we guarantee a perfect fit.


Need Your Blouse Fixed Fast? No Problem!
Especially in the city that never sleeps, we understand our clients’ need for fast, quality service. That’s why we guarantee a three-day turnaround time for all blouse alterations, and if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll redo it for free. We find the perfect fit for your blouse, alter it quickly and efficiently.
“Quality service that’s convenient for people in Paris is the most important to us. We truly value our customer’s time and want to offer the most convenient service possible”
says L’ATELIER ETHAN Founder, Kamran Fazli.
If you’re in need of fast, affordable and convenient blouse alterations, and don’t have time to scour the internet or your neighborhood for alterations specialist, L’ATELIER ETHAN is the perfect fit for you, and we’ll make sure your blouse fits perfectly, too!


There’s Nothing Quite Like Finding That Perfectly Cool Leather Jacket!
It feels like a second skin and goes with practically everything in your closet. Finding a tailor to help you get the fit just right, though, is another story. Leather alterations can be tricky, especially if you’re not a skilled leather professional. With L’ATELIER ETHAN, your leather jacket is in the best hands. We have over 30 years experience working with fine leather goods, ensuring that your most exceptional leather pieces look their absolute best for life. Whether you need a zipper fixed, your cuffs hemmed or your jacket tapered in, our pros can handle it.
The Best Leather Alterations Specialists in Paris
We understand that it can be scary to hand over your expensive leather pieces to a tailor. However, with over 30 years of experience, L’ATELIER ETHAN is the only tailor to trust with your favorite leather clothing. From zippers and pocket repair, to shortening and tapering, we handle it all, fast and affordably, because your leather alterations shouldn’t cost as much as your leather clothing does.

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